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Enjoy a Magical Anthem With Soulless Ginger’s Latest Remix on ‘Bad Dreams”


HAN CHIEN LEOW - Music Republic Magazine

Jun 14, 2021

Enjoy a magical anthem with Soulless Ginger’s latest remix on ‘Bad Dreams” by Vodenik & Kelsey Ray. The electronic soundscape on the remix resonates with highly melodic notes in dense progressive house vibes along with the future bass music genre, which is the perfect balance for most listeners. Moreover, the musical composition for Soulless Ginger’s Bad Dream remix provides amalgamated essence with strong emotions to the listeners. Overall, the music is unpredictable and attention-grabbing, such a musical approach enables the audience to be enthralled by the dreamy journey of the track. A little bit about the track from Soulless Ginger...
It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with it to remix it and I honestly wasn’t even really sure once I did start. I always like to try and keep it similar to the original, it’s never been my thing to drastically change the overall vibe, at least not up to this point. After listening to the original half a dozen times, I felt like I wanted to turn it into almost a low key energetic party song. I wanted to add even more emotion than it already had but increase the energy level and movement/flow of the song without turning it into an epic festival anthem banger. I also wanted to add a little more dynamic to it so instead of it just being her voice, which is incredible for the record, I added a deeper voice layer, which created a nice contrast. I absolutely love the way the song starts out; I think it gets the listeners' attention and has them wondering and wanting to know where the song will go next. I’m extremely happy and proud of the final mix and I hope that people enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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